What You Need To Look for When Buying A Tactical Outdoor Rucksack

A backpack is the perfect solution for keeping everything you need on hand while maintaining your mobility in this modern fast paced era. The right backpack will allow you to keep your lunchbox, laptop, water bottle, keys and many other things you will need for your busy day all in one convenient location. Best of all they can be carried on the back, which allows you to keep your hands free for dealing with the various things you will encounter on your daily commute.

What Is a Tactical Backpack?

But backpacks have a far more extensive field of application in the modern world. They can carry everything you need when heading out on a trip or engaging in a wide variety of other recreational activities from hiking and fishing to travelling near and far.

Getting the right backpack for your needs will greatly depend on the needs you have. Tactical bags are far more durable than your average backpacks and are made for rough treatment and comfortable portability. Most tactical backpacks are also equipped with extra pockets, modular storage and even have the MOLLE webbing that can allow you to carry a variety of other things as well. This can be especially convenient if you will be heading out camping or anywhere else.

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A tactical duffle bag is also a good option for going to the gym, heading to the office and even spending the day in the field when you need the basics on hand. Range bags are the best choice for day trips and missions. Tactical luggage will also allow you the advantage of real MOLLE capacity, which can increase the carrying capacity and help to keep all you need perfectly organized.

Molle stands for Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and is a concept originally developed for the military. The system consists of a wide variety of pouches, straps, webbing and belts that support this system and greatly increase the carrying capacity of your backpack, ensuring all you need is kept on hand and perfect for easy access as well.

The Use of a Tactical Backpack

When choosing the right option for you, the first thing you will need to consider is the type of use you will have for your tactical backpack. What will you be carrying? Will it be a laptop and office supplies, or will you be carrying the necessities to survive a weekend in the field.

What type of volume are you looking for? A backpack with 15 to 26 liters is a great option for office duty and taking shorter hikes. If you will be carrying more gear with you, you will probably need something with a much larger volume. A backpack with a larger volume, like 30-60 liters will allow you to carry enough gear to keep you alive and moving for up to 3 weeks away from home. Furthermore, you will want to consider the convenience of the bag you are carrying as a bad fit can be especially difficult to carry.

It will be very important to keep a list and description of the items you hope to carry in your back in mind as you make your selection. This can help you choose the MOLLE webbing you will need, extra constructions will mean greater costs. This will allow you to make an accurate selection for the additional pouches that will serve your purpose best. You could even choose a backpack that has a single larger pouch or many smaller pouches that can hold all the smaller stuff you may need.

Choosing the Right Bag

Wide straps on your back pack will provide extra support that will make it easier to carry the back pack you have chosen. A much larger backpack should have a sturdy chest strap that will allow you to stabilize the load and this can ensure a more comfortable experience. Hip straps are another good option.

Frames are also a good option, external and internal frames can help to keep the dimensions of a backpack properly aligned and this can mean better balance. They will also allow you to carry more gear as they allow for a greater number of compartments.

The fabric that is used in your backpack will be another very important consideration. Choose something that is waterproof and will not tear easily. If you select nylon or polyester, make sure they are equipped with inner waterproof liners. If it is not a formidable fabric it will not provide the right type of protection for the contents you will be transporting. The best option is to choose a fabric of military grade durability. This will allow you to rely on its strength and protective qualities in a wide range of environments.

Features of a Tactical Backpack

The back pack you choose should open and close with the highest quality zippers that will not bust open even if under extreme strain. Internal pockets must have the same strength in their quality hook and pile fasteners. Many military grade backpacks will rely on Velcro fasteners and this is a good option as this type of system will never become stuck. But it will be essential that the stitching that holds the Velcro in place of the highest grade. The more removable dividers in your backpack the better the organization it provides.

MOLLE compatibility is a major plus and will allow your backpack to have a variety of straps, extra pouches and support other devices that will improve the carrying capacity of your backpack. This will ensure you will always maintain organization even if you are unpacking your equipment. A hydration kit is another important component to a top-quality backpack. There is nothing more important than staying properly hydrated especially when you will be on the go in urban, rural or wilderness adventures.


You will need an option of the highest quality construction if you don’t want your backpack to be bursting at the seams. One way to gauge the quality of your backpack’s construction is the type of stitching used. Nylon stitching is one of the best options used by the best manufacturers and will withstand heavy duty use.

Website reviews can be reliable to a certain degree, but remember many of these reviews have been paid for and the person who wrote the review may not have had any prior experience with the backpack. It would be far better to rely on word-of-mouth advertising from trusted friends or other relations who have experience with the backpack you are interested in.


Modularity is a great option as it allows you back pack to be adapted to the needs you have. You can then adjust your backpack system to suit the needs of the particular trip you have in mind. Then you can return your backpack to its regular setup as soon as you arrive home from your trip.


There is little point in getting a backpack that will cause you nothing but pain each time you use it. You will want to consider how you will carry the backpack and how the weight can be distributed if it is packed to capacity. This may seem like a small thing, but if you will be carrying your load for many hours and over great distances, you will soon find out that a poor selection will land you at the massage therapist for some badly needed therapy. Try out your back pack and make sure the center of gravity can be kept as close to your center or gravity as possible whether packed full or only half way. Furthermore, make sure that the straps can be adjusted to properly fit your back and not cut into your body.


A tactical backpack has one simple purpose, carry your things and allow you to access them conveniently. The organization it provides will play a central role in keeping your necessities at an easy access. This is where you will need to consider exactly what will be going into your backpack and how you will be accessing your items. If you will be carrying many different items, you will get great use out of a good selection of MOLLE webbing that will allow for convenient transportation of all your knick-knacks.


While it is in no way necessary for the performance of your backpack, choosing something that looks nice has its advantages. A good-looking backpack will be suitable for the office as well as heading out for high adventure with friends and loved ones. Nevertheless, never choose a good-looking backpack over one that is more practical and functional.

In the end, you will begin with a clear plan for the use you will be getting from your backpack. Even though they can be especially versatile items, there is no sense in trying to get one that ticks all the boxes. You may be better served by two options that can be used for the specific needs you have.

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